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    A core tenant of TLG's culture is to promote community. While we prefer face-to-face, we certainly recognize that it's not always doable (thank you social distancing)...

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    Greetings fellow social-distancer, and thanks for hosting a game night to break up the self-isolation monotony! Please make sure your computer has a webcam (required) to help facilitate players.

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    I cannot wait to get back into playing. I look forward to playing D&D first then going into learning others! Woot woot!!!

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    I think this project is the best thing since bread. I think my favorite things right now are the instant set up/tear down and the 'oh, the cable guy got called out' just push save. More hopeless striking at the keyboard to fallow. LET'S GO!

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    I'd like to play Mafia next week, think it would be so fun with people from all over. I can be the moderator/narrator. Who's in??

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    I'm willing to play quite a few games. I think I'm currently interested in playing Orleans or some other worker placement game that is interesting. Let me know if you're also interested. Planning on playing more games virtually with my class as I tea...

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    I hope everyone is doing well!

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    Feeling the pain of social distancing. Chat here!

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