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How to Host a Virtual Game Night

By There are some who call me ---- Tim @tim2020-03-21 14:16:29.995Z2020-03-21 14:49:45.076Z

Greetings fellow social-distancer, and thanks for hosting a game night to break up the self-isolation monotony! Please make sure your computer has a webcam (required) to help facilitate players.

To host a game night, please follow these steps.

A. Log into your Gmail account or create one

B. Go to your Google Calendar page.

C. Select + Create in the top left.

D. Fill out (1) Date, (2) Start Time, (3) End Time, (4) Time Zone and (5) select the Hangouts Meet under the Add Conferencing dropdown menu.

E. Copy the Join Hangouts Meet URL

F. Create a post with a title of the game you would like to play, the date/time details and paste the Google Hangout URL.

G. At the appropriate day/time, host your Google Hangout and admit only the names you recognize from the reply RSVPs.

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    There are some who call me ---- Tim @tim2020-03-21 14:19:20.856Z2020-03-21 14:30:18.003Z

    Bonus points if you Insta your game!

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