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By David @cruetes2020-03-30 21:31:30.502Z

I cannot wait to get back into playing. I look forward to playing D&D first then going into learning others!

Woot woot!!!

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  1. Q
    Andoni Redondo Cuesta @Qualek2020-05-01 01:24:39.869Z

    I'm also looking forward to playing D&D !

    1. M
      In reply tocruetes:
      Elysabeth Galati @MadameSatan2020-05-01 16:15:15.827Z

      It's going to be epic

      1. J
        In reply tocruetes:
        Jim McLaughlin @Jim2021-01-02 14:40:50.778Z

        Will this work with online platforms like Roll 20? I have tons of maps I’d like to import.

        1. Hey @Jim! We are in active discussions with Roll20. We'd love it if you and your community reach out and tell them you'd like to play on Gameboard!