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Virtual Game Night!

By Stefan Lopuszanski @Stexe2020-03-30 21:37:00.812Z

I'm willing to play quite a few games. I think I'm currently interested in playing Orleans or some other worker placement game that is interesting. Let me know if you're also interested. Planning on playing more games virtually with my class as I teach them modern board game design. =)

I'm thinking Friday, from 5 PM to 7 PM Eastern Time. Let me know if anyone else is interested!
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    Dave Dyer @ddyer02020-03-30 23:11:15.872Z

    Someone on BGG has created a fabulous spread sheet of all the places you can play games online.

    For example, lately, even before the current events, I've been playing Viticulture on
    with my friends, and use Skype or Zoom simultaneously to get that community feeling.