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How to Use the TLG Community

By System @system2020-03-21 14:05:20.403Z2020-03-23 18:39:55.701Z

A core tenant of TLG's culture is to promote community. While we prefer face-to-face, we certainly recognize that it's not always doable (thank you social distancing)...

We have put together a community to:

  1. Help connect virtual gamers using video chat.
  2. Promote local game nights on our Twitch channel.
  3. Chat with other game-aficionados to help pass the isolation monotony!

To start a new topic, click "Create Topic"

  1. Describe the title of the topic (e.g. "Werewolf Game Night March 21st at 7pm ET")
  1. Choose the category to post in (e.g. "Play!"):
  1. Choose the type of interaction (e.g. "Discussion"):
  1. Make the first post under your topic. (For instructions on how to host a virtual game night, go here: How to Host a Virtual Game Night.

  2. Click "Create Topic".

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, comments or kudos and let's play!


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